Salmon offers every young person using the centre the opportunity to experience the arts, challenging and inspiring each person to learn and create. We aim to give young people the opportunity to access the arts through:

  • Regular taster sessions for all ages in open clubs in a range of art forms
  • Taking part in weekly classes or holiday projects in the arts
  • Visiting galleries, theatres and performances locally and nationally

Through specialised artistic sessions we give young people support and encouragement to help them achieve their incredible potential in the arts.

We aim to give young people the opportunity to achieve in the arts by:

  • Specialised weekly sessions and one-to-one tuition with professional artists
  • Accreditation and training opportunities such as the Arts Council’s Arts Awards Programme
  • Career and progression advice in the creative industries

Some of our creative sessions include:

Dance at Salmon is about being proud of who you are and feeling free to have fun and get moving. We have groups for various abilities and ages and lots of opportunities for performances throughout the year.

We aim to give everyone a friendly and fun experience, whilst also improving dance skills, physical fitness, concentration and team building skills.

Our Youth Company offers weekly dance training where young people can participate in the creation, production and performance of dance – mixing modern day dance styles with contemporary techniques. We work with professional companies in London and take advantage of local and national performance opportunities and exchange programmes.


The Salmon Theatre Company (SCompany) is a place where young people can come to make friends and have fun whilst working together to create and perform theatre. The weekly sessions aim at raising the bar for young people in the arts, giving them opportunities to discover who they are and what they have to give, in and out of the spotlight. We have regular opportunities to visit theatres in London and share our work with other youth theatres. 

The Salmon Youth Centre works with professional musicians, paid and voluntary, to provide music taster sessions in open clubs with young people of all ages and abilities.

‘The music studio has become a hub and heartbeat for so many young people at the centre. Dedicated young people spend hours in the studio writing lyrics and beats that are essential expressions of their identity and experience.’ 
Laura Fawcett, Arts Manager

Visual Arts
Visual arts at the Salmon Youth Centre represents a platform for expression. Holding a paintbrush, a lump of clay or a digital graphics computer programme, young people are invited to set their imagination free through experimentation and creativity. SC-ART sessions happen every week, but there are also art opportunities in open clubs and one-to-one art sessions where young people can explore their emotions and experiences in a safe creative environment.

"As ideas are encouraged, art becomes a beautiful language which all young people can speak and to most importantly share with those around them, whilst having as much fun as possible."
Eugene Ankomah, Artist-in-Residence

"Since I've been at Salmon, I have performed in places and even wanted to teach other people how to dance so they can develop their skills. Maybe they will want to become a dancer like me and I can inspire them to reach their own goals." Angela, 15


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