Our Salmon apprentice Derrick Johnson talks to us about the 6-9s summer scheme and gives us insight as to what happened and what the young people at Salmon learned and achieved throughout the week.

Derrick's Blog:

During the first week of the summer holidays, we had a group of almost 100 young people who attended the 6-9s Summer Scheme and I was blessed enough to be one of the staff available to help run the games and activities that we had planned for them. They were called agents and they had to represent their agency.

The young people were split into 4 groups and they had to win points throughout the days to win on Friday. They earned points through playing team games and in their group activities.

There were seven planned activities for all groups, ending the week with the young people getting to choose one of their favourite activities whether it would be; Adventure, Trampolining, Music, Art or Sports.  

What was amazing as well was the young people engaging in a Christian segment learning about the story of Moses and how Moses set his people free with each day having a different focus point of the story, with an activity to match.

I found it an amazing experience working with a large group of 6-9 year olds for a week with full on interaction with call and responses ‘Who’s on a mission? We’re on a mission. Who’s got your back? God’s got our back’. The saying being that the young people becoming “agents” for the week.

I felt happy and proud just to be a part of the week.

Derrick Johnson, Youth Work Apprentice (20)

Apprentices are young people who are gaining work experience while working on a Level 3 youth work qualification. They spend thirty-five hours a week for up to nine months at Salmon on a paid salary. This gives them access to higher education, which they previously would not have had, or it leads to the start of a career in youth work. The apprentices are very important to Salmon, as we get to invest a lot of time in them, helping them to grow on a personal, political, social and spiritual level. Also, as they are still young themselves, they are often very good at connecting with the young people we work with and a lot of young people look up to them.


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