We work to promote positive change in young people and support their transition to adulthood in three ways:
  1. Improving Young People's Health & Wellbeing
  2. Involving Young People in Positive Community Engagement
  3. Preparing Young People for Education and Work


"We strive to do excellent youth work with them by building positive,
long-term relationships..."

Improving young people's Health & Wellbeing, both mentally and physically, and encouraging a continuous development of healthy eating habits and lifestyle starts through our generic work.

Generic work at Salmon means all of our open access youth work. It is vital as it brings young people into the centre to relax, try new things and build relationships with caring adults (youth workers).

Young people may then go on to access our more specialised projects, but even if they choose not to, we strive to do excellent youth work with them by building positive, long-term relationships and enabling them to realise their potential by making a successful transition into adult life.  

Providing a safe place for young people
Our first priority is to provide a safe place for young people to be with their friends. This involves establishing effective health & safety and child safeguarding practices and entering into an agreement with young people that we all respect each other, our environment and ourselves.

The methods we use to work with young people include club sessions at the centre, group work, one-to-one work, day and residential trips. We are able to vary the type of activities on offer (arts, sports, adventure and social activities) to engage a wide variety of children and young people from the ages of 6 to 24. 

Developing young people into healthy adults
Whilst doing all these activities with the young people, our team of workers are always looking for opportunities to enable them to explore and start to take responsibility for their own health & wellbeing as well as to find different ways to express their creativity.

We believe that by doing this young people will develop into healthy adults who are able to make a success of their relationships, education and vocation.


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