The mentoring relationships we build with young people help us to get to the root of the issues they face and allow us to support them through the various transitions in their lives.

We provide both long and short term mentoring, depending on the needs of the young people. We’ve had many success stories over the past year, such as the long term mentoring relationship between our Adventure Youth Worker, Razz, and one of our Young Leaders, Toshawn, which resulted in him gaining a place at a prestigious specialist school when further education was formerly out of the question at one point. 

Another successful example is 12-year-old Simon, who under the mentorship of our Music Youth Worker, Pete, learnt how to write songs and play the piano; and James, our Inclusion Youth Worker who manages our mentoring programme, successfully steered a troubled 10-year-old mentee back into full-time school attendance over the course of three months.

“The reason why I chose to have a mentor is because I like to have someone to talk to, someone I can turn to, so I am am not on my own. My mentor is on my side no matter what. Having a mentor is great because you can have lots of fun.” Charlie, 16


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