Over the last year we have run lots of multimedia sessions for our young people, including creative writing workshops, music sessions, discussion groups and film projects. All these exciting activities where part of the SKN Project*, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We planned creative activities to help young people improve their speaking and listening skills, encouraging them to have a positive voice in their community. Having just finished the first year of the project, this seems to be a good time to look back at some of the great stuff that has been going on!

Young people who come to our Monday 14+ sessions can tell you all about our new discussion groups. Every week a group of young people pause their sports & arts activities and gather in the social area to discuss current issues. At the same time, one of our young reporters goes around the whole Salmon building to interview young people and get their opinions on the issue. Topics we discussed over the last few weeks where Benefits, Reputation, the Woolwich Attack and Limitations in Life.

Music sessions to increase confidence
A very noisy room in our building is our well-equipped music studio. Our music tutor, Peter Saba, has been running weekly music production sessions for groups of young people, encouraging them to express themselves through creating radio jingles, writing lyrics and recording their own tracks. 71 young people have been involved with these sessions over the last year!

Thirteen-year-old Rebecca is a good example of a young person who was influenced by the project. At the beginning of the year, she shared about how she was bullied in school, resulting into her moving schools three times. This really knocked her confidence. As a result, she didn’t feel confident to share her opinions, being worried about being judged by others. She also suffered from dyslexia and felt quite worried about her writing skills.

Over the last year, Rebecca has been involved in creative writing workshops. She wrote her own song and performed on three separate occasions. Her confidence has grown as a result. Peter Saba, said: “Rebecca learnt to listen more to her peers and respected their opinions on the project. She also enhanced her speaking skills, as through this process she learnt to speak out about the things that really matter to her as a young person in today’s society.”

Looking forward
I could tell you much more about the different sessions that have been going on as part of the SKN project! In my next article I will tell you a bit more about the work we do with our Young Leaders. We will also look at the second year of the SKN Project, including a project involving our young footballers, working in partnership with London Football Journeys.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more about these projects!

*SKN (pronounced SKEEN) is a word used by young people and means ‘OK, I understand’. Young people at Salmon came up with this name as they hope this project will help them to communicate something of their world, which will allow people around them to understand them better. 

Pictures by Miles Willis Photography

We planned creative activities to help young people improve their speaking and listening skills, encouraging them to have a positive voice in their community.


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