Do you live in Southwark and are between the ages of 16-24 and are not currently in employment or education? Are you looking to improve your career prospects or learn key skills to aid your development? Then come and join our Future Hope and Employment Programme!

We launched our Future Hope & Employment Programme (FHEP) and combined it with Salmon's Live Longue and it was a huge success!

The event was a spin from our usual live longue event – which highlights performers that have been involved in music at The Salmon Youth Centre with Leslie.

Although in the past this has been a great experience for anyone who has watched or performed this year we really wanted to great something that made young people think about their career choices.

May/ June time in the school calendar is a time filled with exams, stress and planning for the future. This can be a scary time, especially if grades are not met or college places not given to our young people. We wanted to create an event that showcased the talent of the young people at Salmon but that also gave them hope. I personally believe that every young person has the capability to achieve whatever he or she set their mind to, regardless of their background or current situation.

At the ‘FHEP Meets Live Lounge’ event we heard from Omari, Amari & Lily who all performed exceptionally and shared their dreams of being musicians, going to university and finding employment. We also heard from three guest speakers – Noel Williams (Youth Advisor for The London mayor) Shadez (Music Producer whose work has been showcased on Radio 1) & Jeremy (International Model & Music Producer). All three spoke inspiring messages about not letting their past define them – from being in gangs and have lost loved ones and having all the odds against them, to finding their passions and becoming successful in every area of their lives. 

Our hope is that we might continue to do these events, getting in guest speakers each time and really inspire the young people to think beyond what they think is possible. 

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of our new employment programme, which is for 16-24 year olds who may not be in employment or education and are seeking work.  We are currently running three programmes over the next months:

Get into Fitness Programme

Get into Music Programme

Get into Youth Work Programme

Young People will gain the opportunity to gain qualifications, work experience, 1-1 support in their chosen area or passion and have free access to our facilities which include a gym, a music studio, a performance area and a sports hall.

If you want to know more about the FHEP programme, or you are interested in signing up, please contact Amy Glover at


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