The year 2013 was an exciting and busy year in music at the Salmon Youth Centre.

We explored many different avenues in creativity and enterprise. One of these avenues was through a project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, which is geared at helping young people improve their speaking and listening skills.

We did this through the creation and recording of radio jingles.

Each young person would choose a piece of music to write to, then we would talk and discuss about their own individual views on how high and low self-esteem affects them in society today. Their reaction was amazing!

The young people involved expressed their true feelings and views on how this subject affects them in their daily life, at school and in their relationships with other people.

It provoked a chain of thoughts in their minds to reflect on how self-esteem can either raise your confidence high or leave you in a state of depression.

The young people were very open and expressed that this project is a great way of helping them to openly talk about their feelings in a way that is beneficial to their well being, whilst improving their speaking and listening skills.

The project has opened a door for a lot of young people to talk and express their feelings in ways they thought they would never be able to.

I quote one of our young people from their jingle on self-esteem “Low self esteem has you trapped in a maze, where you can’t find your way out for days and days.”

This young person clearly felt that they were trapped, but through this project they were given the outlet to express their feelings. It helped them to release the thoughts and issues harbouring inside them and now they are feeling much more positive about themselves.

Pictures by Miles Willis Photography

“Low self esteem has you trapped in a maze, where you can’t find your way out for days and days.”


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