At Salmon Youth Centre, we take pride in being able to support and encourage young people to make their dreams a reality. We also welcome volunteers to help in our clubs and engage with the young people that come through our doors.

Naod Kahsay (19), Bobbi Allison (18) and Derrick Johnson (21) have volunteered their time at Salmon since September and we are pleased to announced that they have been chosen to represent Salmon as our apprentices! Have a read about their experience so far...

Naod Kahsay's blog:

My name is Naod Kahsay I am 19 years old and I have joined the Salmon staff on the apprenticeship programme. So far at Salmon I have gained quiet a bit of experience on how the organisation runs, but most importantly what a youth worker's role really is. Coming from a footballing backround, I really felt like I could be a big help on the sports side of things here at Salmon. In addition, Derrick and I took over the Salmon Tigers Football Team in September and so far it has been a huge success. I am also in many different generic clubs where I am involved in music, art and dance to name a few.

From my experience here at Salmon I want to gain loads of knowledge within youth work and social work and absorb as much as I can from the amazing staff around me at the same time picking up as many qualifications possible.

Bobbi Allison's blog:

My name is Bobbi, I am 18 years old.  I started my apprenticeship at Salmon in September when I first started I had low confidence and anxiety. Since being an apprentice at Salmon, I have learnt so many new things such as leadership skills, how to deal with challenging behaviour, being confident, youth work skills and also the meaning of being a team player. Some of the things I hope to gain during my time at Salmon are how to be a good youth worker, how to build long term relationships with young people, good communication skills to help me communicate better with the young people, how to be a good leader and most importantly experience as since I was little I have always wanted to help young people as I feel my experiences in life will help me to be a good youth worker so I can try help young people to make the right decisions in life.

Derrick Johnson's blog:

I’m Derrick Johnson and I came to Salmon through Hollington Youth Centre to expand my knowledge on youth work in different areas that Salmon has offered. Salmon had put me in my strong spot of working with sports right away which gave me time to feel comfortable with the young people and also gave me a chance to: work in the gym, help out doing rock climbing and much more.

I’ve been starting off in the sports hall taking over the Salmon Tigers Football Team alongside two other workers (Leslie and Vicki) and Naod who now works along side with me coaching over 20 young people each week. At the end of this course, I would like to have worked in different parts of the youth club to expand my knowledge in different styles of youth work. I was excited on what I was going to be getting into when I first saw the building itself, which is very big compared to what I am used to. I was expecting to work with a lot of young people and great staff and I am enjoying the experience so far.

Apprentices are young people who are gaining work experience while working on a Level 3 youth work qualification. They spend thirty-five hours a week for up to nine months at Salmon on a paid salary. This gives them access to higher education, which they previously would not have had, or it leads to the start of a career in youth work. The apprentices are very important to Salmon, as we get to invest a lot of time in them, helping them to grow on a personal, political, social and spiritual level. Also, as they are still young themselves, they are often very good at connecting with the young people we work with and a lot of young people look up to them.

"Since being an apprentice at Salmon, I have learnt so many new things such as leadership skills, how to deal with challenging behaviour, being confident, youth work skills and also the meaning of being a team player" - Bobbi Allison (19)


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