On 18th June 2015, parents and young people attended the highly anticipated ‘Oscars styled‘ Salmon Celebration, which showcases the hard work and achievements of the young people in all clubs and sessions throughout the year.

Jamie hosted the event and certificates and trophies were handed out to all the young people from all members of staff, as well as performances from Charlotte White, a singing duo Lilly Dempsey and Kitty Ras-El-Fenni. Also, we enjoyed a dance, a short play and some monologues from some talented young people from SCAD and SCompany.

Awards were given out to young people who had worked hard in their clubs, which included AQAs in Art, Music and Trampoline.

The Young Leaders were awarded for their competency during their practice expedition and Cameron O’Connor was awarded for his leadership and dedication as the 10-13s Club President from 2014-2015.

Other awards included the Adventurer of the Year, which was awarded to Spencer Hodgson for his excellent behaviour and commitment to attended the 10+ Cliffhanger club.

The Member of the Month Awards were handed out to Elle Neal Sharp, Charlotte White and Ronaldo Richards for displaying excellent attitude and dedication to their clubs in their respective months.

Last but not least, Harry Dobson was awarded the Member of the Year certificate and award for his contributions to Salmon throughout the year.

A very special thanks to all the young people and parents who attended Salmon Celebration and congratulations to all the young people who won awards! 


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