Young people and parents attended The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey’s highly anticipated Salmon Celebration on the 15th December 2014, where the hard work and achievements of the young people in various clubs and sessions throughout the year were acknowledged.

Jamie and Young Leader Harry Dobson hosted the event and certificates were handed out to all the young people who were awarded for their achievements in various clubs like trampoline club, 10-13s and Young Leaders. 

The Young Leaders were awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award for completing their personal programmes of activities in volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. 

The 10-13s Committee members were awarded certificates for all their hard work in organising trips during the half term and their organisation of the after party for the Salmon Celebration.

The evening also included performances from Leslie (current Apprentice) who performed spoken word about Christianity and festive challenges hosted by Miranda, which involved young people engaging in competitions between themselves, staff members and parents.

Two of our young people from 10-13s club really enjoyed being at the Salmon Celebration.

“I really enjoyed socialising with my friends and being able to celebrate Christmas.” 

“I mostly enjoyed when people were doing challenges and I liked the food, especially the cupcakes and I enjoyed going on the bouncy castle.”

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