Here at Salmon, we give young people a chance to become independent and grow into themselves. Salmon's Young Leaders had the opportunity to do Duke of Edinburgh, a national challenge which gives young people the opportunity to volunteer, to develop new skills and be more confident in their abilities.

Salmon took a group of 10 Young Leaders to do their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition on the 31st of May which required them to complete 2 days of walking and 1 night of camping. The young people set off in two groups at 10:30 am to embark on a 12 kilometre walk with a map and a compass to find their way along a planned route. For the duration of their walk, they were also required to carry their clothes, food, tent and sleeping bag and cooking equipment.

For their expedition, the groups needed an aim for their walk. One focused on nature and the other on wildlife, they will present their work to their families, friends and Salmon staff. This final expedition was a great improvement from their practice, there were no struggles just great teamwork, enthusiasm and perseverance as a result all the young people passed their final expedition. They are on their way to soon completing their bronze award. Congratulations to Meghan, Luke, Georgia, Fleur, Rafael, Houria, Amara, Alexandra, Leah and Alex for their commitment and dedication. 


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