Learning and training is absolutely fundamental to what we do at Salmon, which is open for everyone! This includes students who are undertaking training in youth and community work, or working towards a qualification in youth work. 

Salmon is delighted to offer the opportunity for universitynstudents in this position to come and work within the clubs and projects of the centre. It will give students the opportunity to learn, increase their skills and make mistakes, from which important learning takes place, all within a state-of-the-art youth centre costing £11 million, providing an experience found in few other placements. 

If you are a student in this position and would like to explore the possibility of a placement at Salmon, please get in touch. Also, if you are looking for accommodation while studying you could possibly become a member of the residential community living at Salmon.

"Working at Salmon whilst studying for my youth work degree has been an amazing opportunity for me. It is an experience that allows you to grow and develop in your practice and learn whilst giving you the chance to work alongside an amazing team of other youth workers." Katie Roe, Placement Student


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