The Salmon Youth Centre hosts a Residential Community, which means that up to ten people live at the centre. Everyone who is part of the community is involved in the youth work going on at Salmon.

Who can become part of the Residential Community?

  • A person who is over 18
  • A person who has a living Christian faith
  • A person who enjoys working with children and young people
  • A person working, training or studying in some way

It is a great thing to do because:

  • Living in a Christian community is a place where God can shape you
  • Central London is an incredibly exciting and vibrant place to live
  • It’s great to be involved in helping children and young people to help them discover their potential

A resident may be a full-time worker at Salmon, studying on a university course and using the Salmon Youth Centre as a placement, or in an alternative situation and giving time to the youth centre as a volunteer. 

"Being a 'resi' and living in community is a unique experience. It's about iron sharping iron and being one in the body of Christ. It is both a challenge and blessing; I recommend it to everyone!" Tom Newby, Resident


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