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From 2012-2014, the Salmon Youth Centre has used media-based activities to help disadvantaged young people improve their Speaking & Listening (S&L) skills through a Paul Hamlyn funded project.

This included music, art, public speaking and discussion sessions. You can read more about some of the activities here

Through the project, we aimed to encourage young people to have a positive voice in their community and increase their skills and confidence in voicing their opinions and ideas. 

We have learnt that youth centres have a lot to offer to develop young people’s S&L skills. Schools mainly focus on reading and writing and oracy is often not a priority. On top of this, youth centres have the advantage of working in a more informal setting on a basis of relationships. As a result, they can reach young people that would normally not be involved in S&L skills related activities. 

In May 2014, we organised an open day to share what we have learnt with other youth work practitioners and get their feedback.

Watch the promo video below for an overview of the event (you can view the full 55min video with talks and workshops on our YouTube page):

In June 2014, we received more funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to take what we have learnt out into the commmunity to other youth work settings. Over the next three years, we are hoping to create a manual and train youth work practitioners, giving them the tools that are needed to improve the S&L skills of the young people they work with. 

Watch this space to find out more about the exciting project and how you could get involved! 

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About the Paul Hamlyn Foundation:

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is one of the UK’s largest independent grant-giving organisations. PHF operates three partly overlapping programmes for our work in the UK: arts, education and learning, and social justice. PHF's education and learning Open Grants scheme supports innovative proposals along three themes: tackling school exclusion and truancy, developing speaking and listening skills and supplementary education.

Feedback from the open day: “Some really good work is being done at Salmon. It has been highlighted how important Speaking & Listening is, the delivery of the workshop was good and also very engaging and interactive for the audience.”


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