Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m 22 years old and I come from North West London.

I’ve been working at Salmon for 4 months in communications, fundraising, and youth work. It’s been fun meeting the young people who attend the clubs, trips, and volunteer at the centre, and I’ve especially enjoyed hanging out, talking with, and getting to know the young girls who attend the Girl’s Club on Monday evenings.

Over my first weeks at Salmon I was surprised and delighted by the confidence and sociability of the young people. I have been documenting work at Salmon through film and photography and had initially thought that being armed with a camera would intimidate the young people and put them off talking with me, but it proved to have the opposite affect and even helped bring the quieter people out of their shells!

During February half term, I attended the swimming trip where I was able to join the girls in the pool and see another side of them outside of the Centre. It was great to see them opening up to me more and I begun feeling less like the newbie and more like someone they can trust.

One particular girl was afraid of swimming and had never been deeper than standing. I told her not to feel pressured to swim any deeper than she was comfortable but that if she wanted to venture deeper I would be here to help and support her.

After a short time of carefully watching me swim in the deeper end, she asked for help to swim alongside me. With guidance she was able to swim happily (and impressively well) in the deep end. I was overjoyed and privileged to be a part of helping her let go of her fear and grow in confidence.

I will be dotted around all clubs over the next few weeks, filming and photographing all of the different clubs, activities and socials at Salmon and am looking forward to getting to know more inspiring young people.

Sophie Ollis, Communications & Fundraising Apprentice (22)

Sophie (far left) helping out on the arts table during 10-13s Girls Club on a Monday night.


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