Being a Youth Apprentice is a great way to learn everything about youth work and engage with young people. We managed to catch up with Heather to ask her a few questions about her time so far at Salmon and what clubs and activities she has gotten involved in over the past few months.

Watch the video here [2m42s]:



Heather Barrett, Youth Work Apprentice (20)

Apprentices are young people who are gaining work experience while working on a Level 3 youth work qualification. They spend thirty-five hours a week for up to nine months at Salmon on a paid salary. This gives them access to higher education, which they previously would not have had, or it leads to the start of a career in youth work. The apprentices are very important to Salmon, as we get to invest a lot of time in them, helping them to grow on a personal, political, social and spiritual level. Also, as they are still young themselves, they are often very good at connecting with the young people we work with and a lot of young people look up to them.


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