We welcome any young person wanting to do work experience at Salmon so they can get a taste of what is needed in a working environment.


The 6-9s have had a brand new arts and crafts club for a while and Salmon apprentice Alex has been helping the young people develop their creativity in the art room and the kitchen.


During the half term, the young people from our Mixables Club went to the London Zoo and Heather joined in seeing the sights, the animals and learning a thing or two about penguins.


At Salmon, we welcome students wanting to do student placements at Salmon so they can get experience in working in their chosen field.


Leslie has settled into his role as a Salmon apprentice and has taken a joint leadership role with Remi running the Salmon Tigers training sessions.


At the end of April, a number of the Young Leaders travelled to Arundel to complete their practice expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.


During the first week of the Easter holidays, Salmon had three days of activities for the 6-9’s, which revolved around the Easter story whilst incorporating lots of fun and games for all to enjoy.


Alex has gotten stuck into her role as a Salmon apprentices, so much so that she was the team leader for the Red Thunders during the 10-14s Easter Scheme, hosted by Hyde Housing, Amicus Horizon and


Leslie has been a Salmon apprentice for over three months and has enjoyed his time so far, especially as he attended the Encompass Residential. Here is what he had to say about it... 


We welcome any young person wanting to do work experience at Salmon so they can develop their skills and explore career choices whilst in a working environment.


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