We welcome any young person wanting to do work experience at Salmon so they can develop their skills and explore career choices whilst in a working environment.


I went on the Encompass trip for ten days with Alex and Leslie and it was so good, I had a great experience and I got to meet a lot of interesting people from different parts of the world.


Initially I avoided attending encompass as I am really not the outdoors type; I loved the city and everything in it.


Being a Youth Apprentice is a great way to learn everything about youth work and engage with young people.


In this podcast, Remi shares his experiences after three months of being at Salmon and the friendships and lessons he has learnt over that time. 


At Salmon, we encourage all the young people to develop their skills and talents but more importantly to realise their potential in everything they do.


At Salmon Youth Centre, we take pride in being able to support and encourage young people to make their dreams a reality.


We welcome any young person wanting to do work experience at Salmon so they can get a taste of what is needed in a working environment. As for many of them, it's their first time being in that environment and volunteering at Salmon is a starting point where they can further get involved in their local communities. 

Tia Doncaster, Billy Warne and Connor Shealscook...


The Salmon Youth Centre has taken the lead in partnership with London Youth to create the Southwark Youth Premier League, a football league for the youth of Southwark to showcase their football tal


It has been an eventful work experience for me this week at Salmon Youth Centre.


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