Hello ladies and gents, my name is Harry Dobson.


I spent most of my year studying Criminology at the University of Lincoln, but typical of university courses I had a few months off for the summer holidays.


We love taking on young people for work experience at Salmon as they tend to bring such fresh energy and ideas with them!


My journey at Salmon started five weeks ago when I stepped into the building as the new Communi


Unfortunately it has come the time where I must say goodbye to you all!

Goodbye to all my loyal supporters; farewell to my most appreciated fans!


I have come to the end of my apprenticeship here at Salmon.


I have really enjoyed my two weeks of work experience at the Salmon Youth Centre.


Hey everyone, my blog this time is about hosting the Salmon Celebration in March, which was fantastic.


Back again! This week I’m going to tell you about my Level 2 in Bike Maintenance. It’s a two-week course which is very in depth.


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