Glenroy has been coaching the 6-9s football club on Thursday afternoons since October. Here he shares his plans to breed the next generation of Beckhams, Rooneys and Messis...


Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m 22 years old and I come from North West London.


16-year-old Health and Social Care student, Aaron Gayle, spent two weeks at Salmon on work experience.


First thing's first. It's custom to wish a Happy New Year at the beginning of a new year, so you know... Happy New Year to you all.


This week it's back to me, Jack Clayton! I am going to talk about my mum.


They say speaking in public is the number one thing that most people fear the most – yes, even more than death itself!


Hey, my name is Glenroy Douglas, and as you know so far from previous blogs I am one of the three apprenticeships that started at Salmon in October.


In this podcast Jack discusses Salmon's theme of the month "the greatest gift" with Friday (15) and Joe (18).


Amma overcame the alleged stress of making her first video blog (see the bloopers at the end), to share with us three club sessions she's enjoying the most at Salmon.


At 20 years old, Glenroy Douglas is the oldest of our three new apprentices – and he has a fair bit of wisdom and life experience to show for it too!


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