Hello, my name is Michelle* Marques and I am 21 years old.


Hi my name is Adam, age 20 (21 very soon, for those who have been paid) ;-).


Nicole, 19, enrolled at the University of Hertfordshire to study Law and Psychology in September 2012, but things took a different turn just six weeks into the course.


Before I talk about the residential, first I think I should introduce myself. My name’s Anthony Temple, I’m 19 and I am one of the four new apprentices.


The past few weeks have been moving slowly for the media projects. I have been focusing on my college work as I have recently started doing my youth course.


So to run these projects we realised we were going to need help, professional help - and yes I do mean a psychiatrist, as well as media professionals.


It has been a little bit difficult for me recently. I haven’t had that spark and energy to my work as much as I did at the beginning.


Ideas, ideas, and ideas they won’t stop coming about these multimedia projects.


I have never really been a religious person; in school I grew up with the understanding that there is a ‘God’ but never practiced Christianity.


Our young people have been desperate to play more competitive basketball.


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