Ideas, ideas, and ideas they won’t stop coming about these multimedia projects.


I have never really been a religious person; in school I grew up with the understanding that there is a ‘God’ but never practiced Christianity.


Our young people have been desperate to play more competitive basketball.

A well-prepared Salmon Tigers team was entered into a league organized by the Damilola Taylor Centre in Peckham.

Nineteen keen young tennis players from Salmon’s tennis club took a trip to Burgess Park Tennis Club. The aim was to provide the young person with:


So after leaving Salmon at 14 and having my little girl, I went on getting my GCSE’s and went to college.


Growing up, Salmon to me was the most amazing place. It gave me so many opportunities, new experiences and just generally a place to have fun with my friends.


Hi, my name is George and I go to study at the Salmon Centre with my brother Jay-Jay to English Sessions.


My name is Murat Simon Harris.

I’m 19 years old.

I live in Greenwich.


She describes herself as a “big daddy’s little girl”, likes using the word “dude”, is addicted to rock climbing, and was Salmon’s first mini-volunteer ever! Even though she might seem to be a very normal young person,


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